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Since 1986 MetaSystems has been designing and manufacturing systems for computerized automated microscopic imaging. From the very beginning, the close relationship to the end user has been an essential part of the MetaSystems philosophy. The following three decades have revealed that this was a successful strategy; from humble beginnings, MetaSystems has grown into a leading solution provider which still remains connected to its strong roots.

MetaSystems’ latest innovation, Neon, is a dynamic, modern imaging platform which reliably manages cases, images, and results from single workstation environments to large multi-user, multi-site installations. The Neon imaging platform ensures that all relevant information is accessible whenever needed.

Maybe you can find a solution to your imaging automation problem here on this web site. We recommend starting your journey on the application pages, if you are not familiar with our product portfolio. In case you are, it may be easier to go directly to the page for the product you actually look for. Should you feel lost, please feel free to contact us or the MetaSystems partner in your country.

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World’s First High-Throughput Molecular Diagnostics System for Microbiology Undergoing Evaluation in Routine Setting

Fosun Pharmaceuticals portfolio company, miacom diagnostics GmbH, a leader in providing physicians with innovative diagnostic assays to improve therapy and outcomes for patients suffering from acute infectious diseases, today announced that its cooperation with MetaSystems advances to the next phase with operating a Metafer Rapid Pathogen Identification (“RPI”) System at the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

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