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Since 1986, MetaSystems has been developing and manufacturing systems for automated microscope based imaging. Our close communication and relationships with our customers have been an essential part of the MetaSystems philosophy; the last 30 years have proven that this is a successful strategy. From humble beginnings, MetaSystems has grown into a leading solutions provider while still being connected to our roots as an independent, employee-owned, innovation-driven company.

MetaSystems’ latest innovation, Neon, is a dynamic, modern imaging platform which reliably manages cases, images, and results from single workstation environments to large multi-user, multi-site installations. The Neon imaging platform ensures that all relevant information is accessible whenever needed.

To learn more about our innovative laboratory solutions, we recommend beginning on the application pages. If you are already familiar with our product portfolio, you may proceed directly to the pages covering your product of interest. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the MetaSystems partner in your region for assistance.

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20th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology

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In the global fight against cancer, people at every corner of the world are trying their best to make contributions, and China is no exception. As a non-government association, the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) holds its academic meeting annually providing a face-to-face contact to professionals from all over the world. This is a remarkable time when we can all make a difference. We sincerely invite you to come and join us.

Our customer and partner Cytointelligen ( will exhibit on this conference and also demonstrate the Metafer-based solution for automated detection of circulating tumor cells.

Latest News

ECA 2017 in Florence

The European Cytogeneticists Association (E.C.A) yearly meeting, the 11th European Cytogenetics Conference took place in Florence, Italy and MetaSystems was proud to be sponsor and exhibitor of this event. Visitors to the MetaSystems booth had the opportunity to see the current pre-release edition of Neon, probably the last one before the official product launch. Of course also MetaSystems Probes took the opportunity to provide cytogeneticists and other passersby to show and explain the newest probe kits and product lines. The German MetaSystems team has been actively supported by the colleagues from MetaSystems s.r.l. in Milan.

ECA 2017 in Florence

MetaSystems Indigo Exhibition on ASM 2017 in New Orleans

The growing success of microbiology related applications within the MetaSystems product portfolio led to the launch of MetaSystems Indigo, the new MetaSystems brand which unites all microbiology products under the same roof. The ASM 2017 show in New Orleans, LA (USA) has been the venue of the second MetaSystems Indigo presentation after the ECCMID 2017 in Europe.

MetaSystems Indigo Exhibition on ASM 2017 in New Orleans
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