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自 1986 年 MetaSystems 创立,本公司一直以设计生产和发展全自动显微镜成像系统为目标。MetaSystems 一贯以紧密的客户关系为重要的经营理念,在过去三十年本公司的成功全有赖于此。全赖于客户的支持,MetaSystems 一点一滴的成长,现已发展成为一个全球领先的全自动显微镜成像系统及其解决方案的供应商。

MetaSystems 全新的充满活力的现代化成像平台 Neon,可以让你轻松的管理从单一工作站到多用户、多工作站工作环境的病例、图像和结果。同时 Neon 的用户可以随时获取所有相关信息。

可能您在为样本自动成像问题寻找解决方案。如果您对我们的产品系列不是很熟悉,建议您可以从应用页面开始浏览。如果您已经对我们的产品很熟悉,请直接点击至产品页面找到您需要的产品。我们始终坚信良好的交流是走向创新性解决方案的第一步。所以如果您有任何问题,请随时联系我们或者您所在国家的 MetaSystems 团队。




AMP Global Congress 2019


The Global Congress brings together a network of molecular professionals and representatives of the diagnostics industry to educate healthcare practitioners and to advance the value of molecular laboratories in providing high-quality patient care around the world.


Meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics (gfh) in Weimar, Germany

The meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics (gfh) was held in Weimar, Germany this week and of course the attendees had the opportunity to visit the joined booth of MetaSystems and MetaSystems Probes. Main topics of the exhibition have been the latest advancements of the Neon case and imaging platform and RapidHyb, the revolutionary fast hybridization times of MetaSystems Probes' FISH probes.

Meeting of the German Society of Human Genetics (gfh) in Weimar, Germany

Workshop on Genomic Instability

An "International Workshop on Genomic Instability: Basic and Applied Aspects" was jointly organized by Environmental Mutagen Society of India (EMSI) and School of Bio-sciences and Technology, Vellore Institute of Technology under the guidance of Prof. Wilner Martinez-Lopez (Biological Research Institute “Cemente Estable”-Uruguay, IIBCE) and Prof. Radha Saraswathy (School of Bio-sciences and Technology, VIT).

Workshop on Genomic Instability