Second MetaSystems User Day in Altlussheim, Germany

Sep 26, 2019

Neon, the outstanding MetaSystems case and image management system, offers many tools and helpful gadgets to streamline routine workflows, for example in cytogenetics labs. The second MetaSystems User Day, addressed to MetaSystems clients from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, provided in different workshops knowledge helping to unleash the full power of the system.

With Neon, comprehensive analysis strategies are easily set up and participants of the workshop received help to determine the best setup for their individual requirements. The unrivaled quality of MetaSystems FISH probes, smart analysis tools such as RapidScore for FISH, and the upcoming Ikaros with AI based chromosome classification algorithms, are amalgamated by Neon to an all-encompassing image-analysis solution with an outstanding number of possibilities and options. The various aspects of this solution have been highlighted in the different workshops of the second MetaSystems User Day 2019.


Related Products/Solutions

1 MetaSystems products are used in many countries worldwide. Depending on the regulations of the respective country or region, some products may not be used for clinical diagnostic use. In Europe MetaSystems products are CE labelled in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) devices. In the USA all MetaSystems products except the Ikaros karyotyping systems are intended to be used for research or inspection only.