'Phishing' Attack on MetaSystems Accounts

Jun 1, 2021

Last Friday, 05/28/2021, there was a criminal attack on MetaSystems accounts. As a result, the attackers sent mails that appeared to have been written and sent by MetaSystems employees. These mails had the subject 'XYZ shared "invoice" with you', where XYZ stands for the name of a MetaSystems employee.


If you have received such a mail, we strongly recommend that you delete it unread and under no circumstances open any of the links contained in the mail. If the mail in question has nevertheless been opened in the meantime or even if the link in question has been clicked on, we recommend that you immediately contact the responsible internal departments as well as your IT security consultant and your data protection officer. In addition, our data protection officer is available to you at dataprotection@metasystems.de.

We assure you that we always pay attention to the highest IT security as well as the requirements of data protection. Therefore, we are already making efforts to determine and remedy the cause of this incident. We have also informed the relevant authorities. We will be happy to inform you about the findings upon request.