First MetaSystems User Day in Altlussheim, Germany

Oct 1, 2018

The first MetaSystems User Day took place in Altlussheim, Germany in the last week of September 2018. Approximately 25 guests took the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Neon, RapidScore, and the latest MetaSystems FISH probes. After an introduction consisting of an overview on more than 30 years of MetaSystems history, the latest secrets of Neon have been revealed. How Neon helps creating streamlined, swift laboratory workflows has been discussed in detail. RapidScore has been presented as the perfect way to combine patient data management, FISH hybridization with MetaSystems probes, imaging automation, and extremely fast reviewing of results.


Related Products/Solutions

1 MetaSystems products are used in many countries worldwide. Depending on the regulations of the respective country or region, some products may not be used for clinical diagnostic use. In Europe MetaSystems products are CE labelled in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) devices. In the USA all MetaSystems products except the Ikaros karyotyping systems are intended to be used for research or inspection only.