MetaSystems Indigo: New Microbiology Brand of MetaSystems

Apr 19, 2017

MetaSystems has launched its new microbiology brand called MetaSystems Indigo, offering solutions for rapid pathogen identification, automated gram sample imaging, TB and Malaria detection as well as parasite detection.

We at MetaSystems understand that today many clinical microbiology institutes are afflicted with pressure of time. The growing number of patients, the force to reduce healthcare costs, and last but not least the increasing appearance of multi-resistant pathogens make solutions for faster and more efficient identification of bacteria highly desirable.

Indigo DMI Technology

With MetaSystems Indigo we are able to combine a novel DNA-based hybridization technology with automatic assay evaluation to enable a high throughput patient sample processing. The Direct Multiplex Imaging (DMI) technology uses molecular DNA-beacons as probes for the identification of pathogens. DNA-beacons are hairpin-shaped structures that consist of a probe sequence (loop) and 3’ and 5’ ends (stem) that carry a fluorophore and a quencher. The loop sequence is complementary to a target sequence. When hybridization occurs, the stem opens and a fluorescent signal is emitted that can be detected by fluorescence microscopy. Unbound probes remain in the closed confirmation and the signal is quenched.

Based on the brand new DMI technology MetaSystems Indigo helps to release time pressure and cut costs by improving your clinical decision process. In particular the impact of using MetaSystems Indigo can lead to significantly shorter hospital stays, significantly less healthcare associated pneumonia (HAP) mortality, and to a reduction of antibiotic costs due to targeted usage of antibiotics.

More about MetaSystems Indigo

Meet us at ECCMID / ESCMID 2017 from Apr 22 through April 25, 2017 in Vienna and learn more about MetaSystems Indigo or email us at [email protected] for more information.