Ikaros as Cytogenetics Learning Aid in Linz, Austria

Jan 17, 2019
Ikaros as Training Device (all images courtesy of H.-C. Duba, Linz, Austria)

As of late, freshmen studying for the Medical Degree in Linz, Austria are trained in the use of the Ikaros karyotyping system. The seminar 'Cytogenetics' in the frame of the Medical Degree Course (Diplomstudiengang Medizin) at the Johannes-Kepler-University has recently started to use Ikaros workstations for the students. The seminar, hosted by Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Duba, Dr. Maria Maurer, and Dr. Gerald Webesinke, is part of the module Entstehung und Wachstum (Genesis and Growth) for students in the first semester.

In order to create a comfortable and efficient learning environment, it has been decided that every participant in the course should have access to an Ikaros workstation. Therefore, 72 Ikaros devices have been networked and installed in special desks allowing the participants to use the software like in a real workplace. A master system sits on the teacher's desk and can be used to prepare images, present the chromosome images, and show analysis strategies. The first seminar has been held with great success in January, 2019.


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