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Neon is a brand new platform for case and image data organization, and it is the basis of all MetaSystems devices. MetaSystems solutions are designed to address particular imaging and image analysis tasks. Neon collects the data from any imaging job, and from external sources, and presents them in a comprehensive and versatile case management dashboard. Hence, Neon always has the most relevant information for the user at hand; fast and secure, regardless of where the information originates. Strong data management algorithms, several convenient display modes, and many options for selecting and filtering content make Neon the perfect basis to organize large quantities of heterogeneous information. 


Metafer conveniently automates a wide area of image analysis applications in microscopy for life sciences.


The karyotyping system Ikaros combines an intuitive graphic user interface with a variety of powerful on-screen karyotyping tools to provide highest flexibility.


Isis is the professional fluorescence imaging module for Neon.


MetaSystems products are versatile platforms, ready to be used for many different applications. Based on a modular architecture, they can be easily tailored to specific requirements and adapted to any existing workflow. The section below lists the solutions MetaSystems offers based on the products Neon, Metafer, Ikaros and Isis.

Are You Looking for Probes?

MetaSystems Probes now has its own website. If you are looking for MetaSystems XCyting DNA Probes, please visit the MetaSystems Probes website.