Genes, 12
December, 2020

A Comprehensive Integrated Genetic Map of the Complete Karyotype of Solea senegalensis (Kaup 1858).

Merlo, Manuel A., Portela-Bens, Silvia, Rodríguez, María E., García-Angulo, Aglaya, Cross, Ismael, Arias-Pérez, Alberto, García, Emilio, Rebordinos, Laureana

<p>aquaculture production has experienced a great increase in the last decade and, consequently, the genome knowledge of the species is gaining attention. In this sense, obtaining a high-density genome mapping of the species could offer clues to the aquaculture improvement in those aspects not resolved so far. In the present article, a review and new processed data have allowed to obtain a high-density BAC-based cytogenetic map of beside the analysis of the sequences of such BAC clones to achieve integrative data. A total of 93 BAC clones were used to localize the chromosome complement of the species and 588 genes were annotated, thus almost reaching the 2.5% of the genome sequences. As a result, important data about its genome organization and evolution were obtained, such as the lesser gene density of the large metacentric pair compared with the other metacentric chromosomes, which supports the theory of a sex proto-chromosome pair. In addition, chromosomes with a high number of linked genes that are conserved, even in distant species, were detected. This kind of result widens the knowledge of this species' chromosome dynamics and evolution.</p>

Digital object identifier (DOI): 10.3390/genes12010049

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