Forensic Sperm Detection

Dec 8, 2021

“I think the labs are doing a spectacular job, but they’re drinking from a fire hose.” (Scott Berkowitz, CEO and founder of RAINN; The Washington Post, 03/23/2019)

Automate and standardize forensic sperm detection with the help of artificial intelligence!

Meet us at EAFS 2022 in Stockholm. We will be located at booth #11.

The laborious and tedious search for sperm cells in forensic samples often represents a bottleneck in solving cases of alleged sexual assault. The result is an increasing backlog in many laboratories.

The Metafer scanning software by MetaSystems processes forensic specimen stained with “Christmas Tree” (Nuclear Fast Red/Picroindigocarmine) or Baecchi (Acid Fuchsin/Methylene Blue) staining. A typical slide is scanned in less than 15 minutes. The software stores object coordinates of sperm cells and allows for easy relocation.

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