Automated Microscopy for Biodosimetry

Sep 21, 2022

Following a radiation accident, a rapid assessment of the dose received by victims is critical. Biological dosimetry allows a range of tests, many of which are based on microscopy, to provide a retrospective estimate of the dose received.

With the renowned scanning software Metafer 4.3, the evaluation of most of the established tests can be automated on the same installation. This includes the gold standard of biodosimetry, the counting of dicentric chromosomes.

Of course, the time saved in the evaluation plays a significant role in an accident scenario with many victims. More important, however, is the standardization of the evaluation, which allows many installations in different institutes to work together without any problems.

With the improved micronucleus assay from ASELL called CytoRADx™, which standardizes both the laboratory part and the evaluation based on Metafer, it is even possible to completely dispense with laboratory calibration curves.

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