Leukemia Research, 31, 39- 47

Analysis of complex chromosomal rearrangements in adult patients with MDS and AML by multicolor FISH.

L. Babicka, S. Ransdorfova, J. Brezinova, Z. Zemanova, L. Sindelarova, M. Siskova, J. Maaloufova, J. Cermak, K. Michalova

We analyzed complex chromosomal aberrations in 37 adult patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) using classical cytogenetic method, FISH with locus-specific probes, multicolor FISH (mFISH) and multicolor banding (mBAND). Unbalanced structural aberrations, leading to a gain or loss of chromosomal material, were frequently observed in bone marrow cells. In 30 patients (81.1%) loss or rearrangement of chromosome 5, 7 and/or 11 was found. The most frequent numerical change was trisomy 8 as expected (detected in six patients-16.2%) and the most frequent breakpoints 5q13, 5q33, 7q31, 10p12, 11q23, 12p13, 17p11 and 21q22 were determined.

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