DMI Scanner

Scanner for Digitization of DMI Slides

Automated Imaging.
Fast Reporting.
Improved Quality Management.

The DMI Scanner is the imaging and review tool for Metasystems DMI assays, facilitating the review of multiplex hybridizations significantly.


DMI Scanner

Automated Imaging*

The system scans and images MetaSystems DMI slides. After start, the DMI Scanner will automatically scan the two control positions and six sample positions on the slides and take images from predefined areas of each. Images are immediately accessible after acquisition so that users can review multiplex hybridization results in parallel to the ongoing scanning and imaging process.

Fast Reporting

The DMI scanner supports image review and result evaluation by an intuitive user interface for result reporting in very short time.

Control results and presence of pathogens are reported by green and red fluorescence signals (for a detailed description of pathogen probes see respective DMI assay info). All images of one position can be viewed at once or individually for evaluation. During the review process, the software will display successively the images of all slide fields. For each field the user can choose between positive ( + ) and negative ( - ) hybridization signals for the respective fluorescence channel to report the hybridization result. After review of the last slide field, identification results can immediatley be reported via the LIMS to support more timely antibiotic therapy decisions.

Improved Quality Management

The predefined imaging procedure and review workflow improves quality management because

  • Image acquisition is standardized
  • The pre-defined review workflow reassures comparabale results independent from individual user proficiency
  • Archiving of images and results improves traceability as digitized data are easy to track and to recall
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And More

Metafer - the Open and Flexible Microscopy Platform

The DMI Scanner is based on MetaSystems' Metafer - a highly flexible platform which can easily be adapted to include other microbiological microscopy applications like automated reading of Gram stains or automated tuberculosis sputum smear microscopy.

Metafer applications* beyond microbiology include Clinical Cytogenetics, Cancer Genetics and Cell Biology, Forensics, Pathology and Tissue Imaging, and Toxicology and Radiation Biology.

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