Pathogen Detection

Metafer in Microbiology

Automated Imaging and Identification of Bacteria and Parasites.

Microscopy is an inherent part of many microbiological examinations. Due to the variety of target objects (Gram stained bacteria, mycobacteria, various parasites, fungi) many different microscopic techniques (e.g., brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast, darkfield microscopy, and possibly even combinations of the above) and magnifications are required. On the other hand the often very high number of samples, the sometimes tedious scoring procedure, and the demand for documentation make unattended and standardized imaging highly desirable.

Metafer, the renowned slide scanning platform of MetaSystems, combines the flexibility for assessing many different sample types with the reliability required in a professional, routine clinical environment. Images of highest quality are generated unattended, fast, and with highest dependability. Since Metafer is based on a fully featured research microscope, users have free choice of any technique the microscope offers.

Gram Scanner

The analysis of Gram samples involves focused inspection of many fields of view under the microscope. Combined with the high number of cases in a routine microbiology laboratory, microbiologists often are spending a considerable portion of their daily working time at the microscope. Metafer's capability to digitize samples in short time and with highest quality can free the researcher from the microscope. With Metafer being used as a routine 24/7 image server, the analysis of Gram samples can now be done on a computer screen, and it does not even have to be done in the laboratory: images can be loaded to the office PC or to a computer at home. Furthermore, images can be uploaded to VMD, the server-based internet database for Metafer images, and shared with colleagues everywhere in the world.

Owners of the automated specimen processor WaspLAB™ from Copan can use the Metafer images to display them side by side to the culture dish images and to other case metadata. If such a system generates bar codes for the slides, a seamless integration of digital Gram images is easily conceivable. MetaSystems' various tools for decentralization of work facilitate extremely streamlined multi-user installations.

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