Automated Slide Scanning & Imaging

Imaging Solutions for Microbiology

Metafer conveniently automates microscopic image analysis in microbiological diagnostics

Metafer is the imaging and slide scanning solution by MetaSystems for microscopic sample evaluation. This flexible software is used in thousands of laboratories worldwide for a broad range of clinical applications.


Slide Scanning and Imaging

Metafer Covers a Broad Microbiological Application Range*

Metafer managed imaging systems scan specimen of various sizes and uses different contrasting methods to find target objects. Due to their modularity and flexible architecture, Metafer can operate a highly versatile platform for various microbiological applications, such as automated reading of Gram stains, automated tuberculosis sputum smear microscopy and Direct Multiplex Imaging (DMI) for detection of multiple pathogens directly from patient samples.

Improves Quality Management

Automated imaging saves time, however, equally important is the quality gain because results are obtained and reproducible by applying clearly defined process standards to any application - slide by slide and patient by patient. This way, Metafer adds an unbiased degree of result quality.

Is Easy-to-use

Complex analysis systems tend to be cumbersome and difficult to understand. Metafer is different: fast access to acquired data, convenient display of results, intelligible user interface, and full control of all evaluation parameters guarantee that results are generated exactly the way as needed.

Fully Networked

Metafer managed imaging systems can be fully integrated in existing laboratory information systems (LIS) for import and export of data. Moreover, images can also be written in various file formats to share images for case discussions or to be used for online and web-based training.

And Flexible According to Laboratory Needs

Each microbiological application is different, requiring flexibility of automation solutions. Metafer’s unique technical design provides a powerful and flexible solution. Classifiers precisely define the imaging and analysis standards needed for the respective application.

Imaging systems managed by Metafer are scalable according to sample volumes. Software and hardware are modular so that the level of automation can be increased as workloads increase. Optional third-party hardware such as the SlideFeeder x80, automated Bar Code Reader, and the automated Immersion Oil Dispenser are easily added upon demand. More information about the high throughput options is available here.

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Legal Note

MetaSystems software and system products are classified as in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD) in the European Union in accordance with In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (EU) 2017/746 or In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC, respectively, and carry the CE label unless otherwise indicated. Use all MetaSystems IVD products only within the scope of their intended purpose.

MetaSystems products are used in many countries worldwide. Depending on the regulations of the respective country or region, some products may not be used for clinical diagnostics.

Some hardware components supplied by other manufacturers are not included in MetaSystems IVD products and are therefore not IVD medical devices.

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