We offer Direct Multiplex Imaging assays for direct and fast identification of bacteria. Available are two DMI kits: the Bacteremia DMI Kit for identification of pathogens from positive blood cultures and the Respiratory DMI Kit for direct identification of pneumonia causing pathogens from native patient samples. DMI assays can be evaluated manually or with the automated DMI Sanner imaging system.

Metafer SCAN for DMI is the imaging and review solution for MetaSystems DMI assays, facilitating the review of multiplex hybridizations significantly.

Liquillizer® is a mucolytic reagent for easier handling of viscous patient samples.


The Ready-to-Use Solution for Viscous Samples

Bacteremia DMI Kit

Assessment of positive blood cultures for the identification of the most relevant bacteremia-causing bacteria

Respiratory DMI Kit

Direct identification of bacteria from native respiratory samples without prior culture

Metafer SCAN for DMI

Automated Imaging.
Fast Reporting.
Improved Quality Management.

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