Corona Crisis

Mar 16, 2020

Dear MetaSystems customers and partners

Against the background of the worldwide appearance of the Corona virus (Sars CoV-2), the most important task for everyone at present is to contribute to slowing down its speed of propagation by adapting their behavior. Nevertheless, we are striving to maintain our services as far as possible and provide our customers and partners with the usual good service. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the possibility that due to the special situation, perhaps also due to official requirements, delays in the processing of inquiries may occur. In order to react appropriately to the high risk of infection, we will also examine the necessity of trips by our employees in individual cases and, if necessary, postpone these trips to a later date. We ask for your understanding for these measures and hope that we will be able to resume regular operations soon.

A word about the trade fair appearances that we are announcing on our events page: unfortunately, it is very difficult at the moment to predict which of the events will be restricted or even canceled altogether. In individual cases, we recommend that you use the links provided to the organizers' pages to find out about the latest developments. If we know that an event will be canceled, we will remove the corresponding link from our site.

With best wishes,
Your MetaSystems Team