35 Years Anniversary

In 2021, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of MetaSystems. On this occasion, we take you on a journey through time - starting in 1986, our founding year, and ending in the present. Join us on a journey of amazing, funny, and inspiring posts, one each day, through the history of the last 35 years. Check out this page and our social media channels to read the stories as they unfold over the next 35 days.

Take This Journey With Us!

GO TO 1986

Artificial Intelligence (The Real One)!

GO TO 1987

The Final Frontier

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Entering Next Level!

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Still Working Perfectly!

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Arrange Them!

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Get to France!

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Get a Sharper Image!

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Who Was Lined Up?

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More Good Reading

GO TO 1995

Counting What?

GO TO 1996

Who Won?

GO TO 1997

See How!

GO TO 1998

Come Fly with Us!

GO TO 1999

It's Safe to Buy This Computer!

GO TO 2000

Of Science and Learning!

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Stay Tuned!

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Break the Curse!

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GO TO 2005

Visit Milano!

GO TO 2006

... and See!

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Independence is the Key!

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Call a Hero!

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Visit Dubai!

GO TO 2010

Gain Strength!

GO TO 2012

Come With Us!

GO TO 2013

And Today?

GO TO 2014

It's Worth the Fight

GO TO 2016

There's a Better Way!

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See You on the Dark Side of the Moon!

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Tracing the Demon!

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On to the Next Chapter!

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